Transcript: Spoken Converstion

Paris: “So, lemme tell you when I was in year 7, if someone like year 8 or higher talked to me I’d be like… leave me alone”. 


Tess: Yeah

Paris: “But now like” jumbled “Um, this year 7 came up to me the other day asking for money and I was like..” pulls confused face

Tess: “They’re so confident and they don’t have the right to be cos they haven’t earned it”


Paris: “Earn. Your. Right!”

Tess: “They haven’t gone through the fear of being little and everyone around you being skyscrapers” 


Tess: “They swear at you-“

Paris: “You’ve never had that problem?”

Tess: “Yeah, they swear at you”

Paris: “No, I mean you”

Tess: “Oh, me?”

Paris: “You are a very tall skyscraper”

Tess: “I am a very tall skyscraper. But, what do you mean the problem?”

Paris: “What, what’s the problem?”

Tess: “What?”


Tess: “Is that enough?” to camerawoman

Paris: knee slap




“Fanks for answering geezer, I know what I mean.”

“Gimme that. Where you been fool? Making us rinse out our credit, leaving you messages and stuff.”

“Ay. Mr. Dawes is well on the warpath with you, bruv, yeah?”

“Cos of the bag and that?”

“What bag? Cos you missed a lesson, you chief.”

“Gimme dat. The bag weren’t the problem. Tiggsy never mentioned it so he bottled it. Ay, you coming over to mine later to play computa?”

“Nah man I’m at home now I’ve got business I gotta run.”

“What business?”

“Business that minds it’s own.”
slurp “I’m out.”

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