Transcript: Spoken Converstion

Paris: “So, lemme tell you when I was in year 7, if someone like year 8 or higher talked to me I’d be like… leave me alone”. 


Tess: Yeah

Paris: “But now like” jumbled “Um, this year 7 came up to me the other day asking for money and I was like..” pulls confused face

Tess: “They’re so confident and they don’t have the right to be cos they haven’t earned it”


Paris: “Earn. Your. Right!”

Tess: “They haven’t gone through the fear of being little and everyone around you being skyscrapers” 


Tess: “They swear at you-“

Paris: “You’ve never had that problem?”

Tess: “Yeah, they swear at you”

Paris: “No, I mean you”

Tess: “Oh, me?”

Paris: “You are a very tall skyscraper”

Tess: “I am a very tall skyscraper. But, what do you mean the problem?”

Paris: “What, what’s the problem?”

Tess: “What?”


Tess: “Is that enough?” to camerawoman

Paris: knee slap


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